Get involved with Nakai!

The Nakai Theatre Board of Directors and Artistic Director Jacob Zimmer are eager to connect with people interested in being a part of the next stage of theatre in the Yukon with Nakai

We are specifically looking for:
Board members (volunteer position)

Over the next years, we’re:

  • Making theatre that can only be made here.
  • Supporting theatre artists at all the stages of creation and craft.
  • Encouraging more theatre that dreams at the scale of the landscape.
  • Connecting theatre to innovative and digital technologies and collaborations in the Territory and around the world.
  • Using skills and outlooks from theatre to support a flourishing Yukon.

Want to contribute?

Board members

The volunteer Board of Directors connects the staff and programming to communities, skills and approaches that are needed to develop a remarkable, catalyzing arts organization.
We are particularly looking for people with lived experience and/or backgrounds in the following areas:

  • First Nations
  • Wilderness and land-based education and/or tourism.
  • Connections in the territory outside of Whitehorse.
  • Fundraising.
  • Event planning.
  • Legal expertise.
  • Working with youth.

To talk further about joining the Board email Jacob (jacob at or Board President Shonagh McCrindle ( at

oh, and of course, you can always support the work by making a charitable donation. CLICK HERE.

Jacob Zimmer