Improvisation, storytelling and energizing physicality.

Nakai Theatre’s artistic director Jacob Zimmer shares approaches from improvisation and co-creation in theatre, dance and leadership development to open you up and expand your ability to collaborate. Join us for a fun and invigorating weekend workshop.


Director, dramaturge and creator Jacob Zimmer combines theatre, improvisation, leadership training and his own diverse performance background in collaboration and creation.

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Future Workshops:

Improve your comfort and presence performing.

Being present, making strong choices as a solo performer or in an ensemble. 

Great for anyone who wants to add some play and surprise to their time in front of audience, whether that's in a show, an open mic or in front of coworkers.

Jacob's uses personalized approaches to expand our range in generating gestures and making physical choices. We’ll work through personal exploration, group improvisation, and creating physical material while staying open, available, and curious.

No experience necessary as long as you’re willing to move and try new things.

Taking your craft to the next level.

Developing an artistic practice and a community deserves a workout and a chance to play.

Develop your physical, mental, and emotional muscles and flexibility, and expand your playbook for collaboration and creation with director and facilitator Jacob Zimmer and guests.

Practicing together helps.