When We Dance, We Dance Together
A sci-fi rock musical
with songs from
Rock Plaza Central's Are We Not Horses

Theatre + puppets + music
2018 Atlin Arts and Music Festival

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In a future Canada, a pack of robot “horses” search for work, dignity and respect. A musical about freelancers, company work and a handsome new Governor.

Conceived and directed by Jacob Zimmer

Songs by Rock Plaza Central (Rob Carson, Chris Eaton, Andrew Innanen, Scott Maynard, Donald Murray, Fiona Stewart)

Featuring: Mary Sloan, Aimée Dawn Robinson, Elyssia Sasaki, Kevin Ray

Music Director: Scott Maynard

Puppet team: Brian Fidler and Véronique LaChance

Dramaturge: Vicki Stroich

Stage Manager: Andrea Bols

Produced with Kaori Torigai

Production Assistant: Jordan Kaltenbruner

Supported by
Arts Fund@YAC Residency Program, Canada Council for the Arts, Yukon Government Department of Tourism and Culture, Air North, The Hamber Foundation and our annual supporters including the Canada Council for the Arts, Yukon Arts Operating Fund, and Lotteries Yukon.

When We Dance, We Dance Together was developed as part of the 2018 National Playwrights Retreat at the Caravan Farm Theatre and the 2017 Summerworks Festival (as Are We Not Horses)

Illustrations by  Lorena Torres Loaiza  http://lorenatl.com

Illustrations by Lorena Torres Loaiza http://lorenatl.com

Project history:

Originally created in 2017 as a Nakai Theatre & Small Wooden Shoe project.

Thanks to the support of Summerworks, Canada Council for the Arts and the Toronto Arts Council for supporting the creation process, travel and presentation.

Rock Plaza Central is Chris Eaton, Scott Maynard, Rob Carson, Andrew Innanen, Donald Murray, Fiona Stewart, Louis Apicello.

2017 Summerworks Toronto production: Performed by and created with Elley Ray Hennessy, Nicole Stamp, Liz Peterson; live video artists Lorena Torres Loaiza and Trevor Schwellnus; dramaturge Vicki Stroich; and collaborators and producers Alison Wong and Hillary Rexe