Are We Not Horses

In a future Canada, a pack of robot “horses” search for work, dignity and respect. A musical about freelancers, precarity and a handsome new Governor.

A new sci-fi musical with live video and/or puppets.

In a soft seat theatre,
under a tent
and/or in a giant field.

Songs from Rock Plaza Central 
Conceived and adapted by Jacob Zimmer


At SummerWorks 2017, Rock Plaza Central joined with theatre maker Jacob Zimmer to bring a new show to life.

It went very well. Sold out, extra show, standing ovation – all those things, plus more. And that's just the beginning.

With the success of Summerworks, we're developing the production, imagining a show that can transform for each town and exists in multiple forms: a soft seat proscenium (with video) or under a tent at a music festival (with video) or in a big field (with giant puppets!)

We are looking for partners in the north for 2018 and for the rest of the world after that. 

And we want to talk about working with local artists and community members for the band, the puppets and maybe the casting.

 Illustrations by  Lorena Torres Loaiza

Illustrations by Lorena Torres Loaiza

To see a full archival video, travelling logistics and talk more - get in touch:

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 Are We Not Horses at Summerworks. Photo:  Dahlia Katz  |  FULL GALLERY

Are We Not Horses at Summerworks. Photo: Dahlia Katz | FULL GALLERY


A Nakai Theatre & Small Wooden Shoe project.

Thanks to the support of Summerworks, Canada Council for the Arts and the Toronto Arts Council for supporting the creation process, travel and presentation.



Rock Plaza Central is Chris Eaton, Scott Maynard, Rob Carson, Andrew Innanen, Donald Murray, Fiona Stewart, Louis Apicello.

2017 Summerworks Toronto production: Performed by and created with Elley Ray Hennessy, Nicole Stamp, Liz Peterson; live video artists Lorena Torres Loaiza and Trevor Schwellnus; dramaturge Vicki Stroich; and collaborators and producers Alison Wong and Hillary Rexe