24 hour Play CHALLENGE is coming.

Long before fancy tech companies started talking about “design sprints” and “rapid prototyping”, Whitehorse had the 24 hour Play Challenge.

24 hours to make something for the stage.
6 hours to rehearse.
1 very fun evening of new plays.
(And we’ve got pretty open ideas about “plays”.)

We’ve got hotel rooms and studios and coffee and a helpful ear.
We’ve got a company of performers and directors ready to help.
You’ve got a notion. And maybe a team. Or a favourite pen. 

November 4-5, 2017

Jump start a new idea, scratch an itch, or realize a long held dream. Whether it’s a one act comedy of manners, the next Inconvenient Truth presentation, shadow puppets, a great story with songs, or something none of us have thought of, this is a great chance to kick start a project, get some time with directors, dramaturges, performers, and an audience. 

New this year, we perform excerpts on the very same day they were made, in the same inspired and delirious state.

Start at noon, finish creating at noon. Rehearse until 6, show and drinks at 7, awards at 10. Sleep as required.

Past participants have come from eclectic backgrounds and included teachers, paramedics, accountants, actors, writers, musicians, mechanics, government administrators, lawyers, and one highly motivated elementary school student.

We’re also encouraging teams of people to work together on making a thing. Sketch troupes, research teams, co-workers or theatrical families — all are welcome.

Before and after the weekend: Workshops and conversations with Jacob Zimmer. Talk through inspiration and strategy before hand and discuss possible futures after. These will be available to all participants but are not required.

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